Singing Lessons: 

We encourage students to take piano lessons in addition to their voice lessons. Younger students will find that piano lesson, in addition to voice lessons, to be very valuable.  Advanced vocal technique can't fully be addressed and taught unless the voice has matured, so, the technical portion of the lesson in younger children is limited. By learning to play an instrument simultaneously, students get the opportunity to development craft and musical understanding along with their vocal training.

The importance of vocal control and technique, is so that the singer will be able to perform in a longer set of music and still have the control and technique to complete the performance without fatigue. Voice lessons will show you the proper breathing needed to optimize vocal ability and performance. We can also show you the stamina it takes to becoming a great Singer and Musician. Our teachers and Vocal Coaches will help you form proper technique for your voice, in a more natural and healthy way. 

Music Lessons:

Our focus is to bring out the musician. At Hi-Tone Music Studios we believe that learning how to play an instrument is the beginning. By learning how to use it, create from it, and compose it you are becoming a musician. music is rapidly changing and the simple days of learning to play an instrument are long gone. Competitive edge has been introduced to future musicians. We have many FUN, NEW and EXCITING Music Programs to help you achieve all your goals.


The opportunity to perform is a part of our music and voice education process. Our facility has a performance stage for student recitals and showcases, and a recording studio to record their performance, and measure the progress of their detail. Our studios offers many opportunities throughout the school year, for students of all ages interested in performing in recitals and concerts.  For some, music is a craft that is meant to be shared and for others it is an gateway to achieve self confidence.

With practice and training, students will be able to be part recitals and showcase performances, that is scheduled throughout the year. Students can perform with other students in their age group or skill level. We feel that performing gives students the opportunity to practice important part of being a performer. The excitement of performing in public, can often challenge good musician, if they haven't been taught. This is part of becoming a great musician and performer.

Building Confidence:

Building confidence and overcoming the fear of public performance is a big part of being a musician. Our Philosophy is to teach both instrument and voice students, control and train their body and mind to relax while performing. Anxiety can turn into a bad performance, thats why many singers sound better in small setting, and many find it challenging at first and seems impossible to performance in front of a large audience.  Our teachers will work with you on how to control your fear and create confidence.

Recording Lessons:

Now is the time to begin your recording Hi-Tone Music Studios, is Scottsdale’s Premiere Teaching Recording Studio. Owner of Hi-Tone Music Studios, Jonathan Marshall, is a seasoned Recording Artist, Singer, Composer and Sound Engineer. With 30 years in music performance and education, Jonathan and his talented Sound Engineers will help all students, and give them the tools to understand recording and producing and the importance of knowing this art.

Instrument Repair:

Whether you are a beginner or professional, Hi-Tone Music Studios is your complete source for all musical instrument repair. We ensure that you receive the finest care and service, whether it is with a repair, a purchase, a sale, or an appraisal. We are be available for a free repair estimate on an instrument you already own or even one that you may be considering purchasing. Some instruments may not be able to be repaired and some may need more details before giving an accurate estimate.