Who We Are

Hi-Tone Music Studios is a Symphonic School Of Music. Our philosophy is that we don’t just teach a student how to play music, but how to become a musician. We provide our students with quality instruction, an individualized approach, and professional musicianship. 

About Us!

Hi-Tone Music Studios offers comprehensive instruction in music performance, recording, music theory, and offers instrument rentals to ease the transition from beginning musicianship to advanced. We offer a curriculum that educates and prepares students for recitals, showcases, concerts, recording projects, personal enjoyment, and to have a sharper competitive edge in the art.


• How To Play Guitar
• How To Sing
• How To Play Piano
• Percussion & Drums Lessons
• Woodwind Lessons
• Recording Lessons
• Violin Lessons

We Teach You/Prepare You For:

• Recitals
• Showcases
• Concerts
• Recording Projects
• How To Play Music

Quality Instruction

The quality of your teacher is the limit of your learning. We want your learning to be limitless. All of our educated Teaching Staff are equipped with Bachelors, Masters and/or Doctorate degrees in Instrument Performance and Music Theory. Hi-Tone Music Studios puts the highest possible standard on music education and we feel the need to have the best teachers and mentors we can find.

Individualized Approach

Every student is different. We create a space for the best fit instruction for each student. Our approach is shown in our curriculum which covers all genres, styles, and performance occasions, and is reflected in our diverse staff with different educational backgrounds that can connect with students of all ages and walks of life. 

Professional Musicianship

We teach you more than just playing notes.  Anyone can play notes on an instrument. True musicianship develops a love for the music, an appreciation for the craft, and ultimately a more rewarding playing experience. Our instructors use the same techniques and methods they learned in professional music programs, and instill professional standards as well as a passion for the art of music in each lesson.

At Hi-Tone Music, you will learn more than just how to play music. We make dreams come true by creating true musicians.
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10405 E. McDowell Mountain Ranch Road
Suite 150
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Phone: (480) 442-6549
Email: Info@Hitonemusicstudios.com

Hours of Operation
Weekdays: 1:PM - 6:PM by Appointment
Saturdays: 10:AM - 3:PM by Appointment
Sundays: By Appointments Only
All lessons are scheduled by Appointments Only

On the southeast corner of East McDowell Mountain Ranch Rd & 105th st.
Next to the Desert Canyon Elementary & Middle School.

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Hi-Tone Music Studios Twitter
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